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Diploma Course in Counselling Skills Counseling

Recognised Counselling Courses

 Organisations that have enroled onto this course. Clients

This course is available at only One Hundred & ninty pounds for the low promotional period only.
Course fees can be found here: Fees

Enrolment is open and ongoing all year long for anyone wishing to learn counselling through correspondence, distant learning.

Many qualified health care professionals such as mainstream or complementary therapists; GPs; doctor's; nurses; carers; psychologists; psychiatrists; professional one to one advisors; education - teachers - tutors; social welfare; face to face interactions; telephone advisors; drug workers; alcohol workers; abuse - refuge workers; support workers; carers and so on who enrol onto this course have poor or no counselling skills at all. This course is ideal for anyone or related with the above who currently work in a consultancy, advisory or therapeutic role. This course also makes an excellent foundation for the complete novice, beginner.

This course will certainly assist in bringing positive change into a person's life.

This is a very user friendly 'simplistic' and 'practical' study course pack, specifically designed to support learning with ease and teaches the correct application of various communication and fundamental skills in counselling. It's aim is to assist within professional services which provide guidance, support, advice - direction and general information.

This course pack contains everything you will need to complete your study in the skills of Counselling.

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Covering one to one use of many counselling techniques, group working, assisting with clients over the telephone and email communicating, counselling skills

  • Extending and understanding the perspectives of those in need of help

  • How to counsel people

  • Assisting through group working roles

  • Action planning and goal setting

  • Running of groups

  • Information and helping services regarding the essentials of a good practice

  • Two way communication

  • Reflective listening, the skills of attention

  • Sharing information and offering professional advice

  • How to establish a warm, secure welcome setting

  • How to make the most out of any short contacts with clients

  • First contact meetings and short exchanges

  • The application of counselling skills in many helping relationships

  • Safer practice's for yourself, your clients and team

  • Specific applications

    This course is suitable for all health care professionals and complete beginners. The people that have enroled onto this course have been nurses; mental health workers; carers; social workers; counsellors; psychotherapists; psychologists; doctors; GPs; drug workers; psychiatrists; telephone advisers; samaritans; refuge staff; medical centre staff; hostel workers; helping agencies; hospital workers; unemployment office workers; recruitment consultants; various office workers; police officers; solicitors; lawyers; many multidisciplinary therapists - mainstream and complementary; colleges; institutes; factory staff; labourers; shop workers and the unemployed etc.

    Course duration:

    The time it takes to complete this course is approximately 6 months on average. No pressure!

    Your course material package contains:

  • A detailed and informative course text book on Counselling Skills

  • Course test papers contained in a presentation clamp binder folder

  • Study time log folder for recording all your study hours

  • Detailed instructional study guide on how to proceed with your course

  • One deep relaxation (voice guided) instructional CD is included within all course material packs

  • 1. A4 size wall display Membership Certificate. Allowing you the use of MOC after your name

  • 2. A4 size wall display Membership Certificate into the SFTR - National UK therapists register allowing you the use of MSFTR after your name

  • 3. Final Diploma Certificate issued upon the completion of your course studies. You are then entitled to the use of these letters Dip.Couns after your name

    After you receive your Counselling Diploma Certificate you may apply for:

    An A4 size membership wall display certificate into the CCC - Charity Register - Counselling Code of Conduct. Allowing you the use of Counsellor Reg & CCC after your name. Membership and registration is subject to an application to the charity at the end of your counselling skills course. Membership to the charity is currently free.Note: There is a small charge for their annual members certificate.

     Please note:

    Instructions on how to proceed

    Please read carefully on how to enrol
    onto your course - with ease & simplicity!

    STEP 1.
    To order and enrol onto this course you can simply use our online application/enrolment form which can be printed off here: CLICK

    STEP 2.
    Simply send in your application form with your course payment through the post to our postal address, either with a cheque or postal order or registered cash. Please note: Registered cash ensures a rapid course pack despatch.

    STEP 3.
    Alternatively you can call the College for an application form and or prospectus to be sent to you through the post. CLICK

    STEP 4.
    All the course fees can be viewed here: CLICK

    STEP 5.
    Full email contact and postal address details can be viewed here: CLICK

    STEP 6.
    Further details on how to enrol can be viewed here: CLICK

    STEP 7.
    Some common Questions and Answers can be viewed here: CLICK

    STEP 8.
    Your course material pack will be sent to you (recorded or registered - signed for delivery) in a matter of days upon cheque clearance. As soon as your payment and application form has been received by us, you will be sent a confirmation letter through the post.

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    The company reserves the right to alter & change all course fees, course descriptions & contents as & when necessary without giving any prior notice.

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